Hi I'm Simon Bullows.

I am an Instagram manager based in Manchester, UK.

Turn followers into customers with

Shoppable Instagram feeds.

Grow your network of customers with
tailored content and professional story design.
Gain credibility and consumer awareness with 
brand ambassador and influencer management.

For every £1 spent on influencer marketing,

businesses are making £5.20 in earned media value.

source: Influencer Marketing Hub

Trackable ROI and measurable viability tests with 
digital advertising campaign management.
Who is this for?
I can help two types of clients:
No Products?
No Problem.
So long as you have a network or the means to grow one I can build you an affiliate store in a jiffy that links to Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and more.

2020 is your time  to embrace social media as a key revenue stream and sell your products directly within it.

I'm offering 5 free 1 hour
strategy sessions in June
book yours now.
Facebook & Instagram constantly release new features and algorithm changes, I send very occasional newsletters to inform you of the latest exciting opportunities plus exciting ways on how to maximise and leverage new functionality to your benefit. 

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